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Brady Branch 

Train set is still under construction!

Train Room 16x18

Website for train set still under construction!

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General Notes on this Model raidroad: This set contains HO scale and O Scale Trains and also includes two race car sets.

It is a multi level setup which consists of :

7ft     -    Ceiling

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6 1/2 ft - Shelf unit which is diamond shaped in the center of the room
6ft   -     Shelf unit containing two O gauge tracks which circle the room

5 1/2 ft - Shelf unit containing a 8x16 track for an O gauge passenger train

5 3/4 ft - Shelf unit in the s/e corner ,around a major mountain. This track is for my O gauge trolley car. The track is 3x5.

5 1/2 ft-  Shelf unit in the s/w corner which is approx. 3x9 in size and has my military O gauge train running on it.

5 1/2 ft-  Single track on south wall for O gauge gang car.

5 ft   -    Top level of the HO layout containing my major train depot and farm farm areas. This area is one ft. wide and circles the entire room. This level also contains a race car set.

4 ft   -    Main level of the HO layout which is approx. 10x16

3 ft   -    lower level of the HO layout which is approx. one foot wide and circles the entire room.

1 ft   -    lower level of O gauge setup which is one foot wide and circles under the lower level of the HO main level.  It also has a race car set on this level.

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Pictures of O Gauge Trains

tr-2L.JPG (35903 bytes)

Picture of O gauge gang car track and top level of HO track including the upper level race car set.

tr-1.JPG (28100 bytes)

Picture of the top two O gauge tracks showing the rocket car ,missile car,auto car.with some Long Island Railroad pictures and tickets in the background.
Both scales are mostly Long Island Railroad custom painted cars and Pennsylvania Railroad cars. The O gauge trains also contain a lot of Lionel roadnames also. Most O gauge tracks are Gargraves track.

Sufforksign.jpg (2825 bytes)

tr-12L.JPG (27047 bytes)

In this picture you can see the 5 1/2 ft high  O scale passenger train set with with the O gauge diamond shape track directly above it. In the top background you see the top O gauge tacks and below you see the HO scenery. As you can partially see at the top is pictures of the LIRR and old schedules.

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Pictures Of HO Scale Trains

tr-3H.JPG (36814 bytes)

This picture ,you get to see across the room and basically see the top and lower
levels of the HO scales layout. You can also see the window looking into the room which gives you an excellent view of the layout.

tr-4H.JPG (30391 bytes)

A picture of the top level of the HO layout showing the west end of the major station for the LIRR passenger cars. Soon there will be several trains added with
my own Suffolk Sunrise Railroad paint scheme and decals.

tr-5H.JPG (39326 bytes)

This picture shows the O gauge trolley track and some of the top level of the HO

tr-6H.JPG (30920 bytes)

This picture shows the top level of the HO scale LIRR train yard.

tr-7H.JPG (39764 bytes)

This is the top section of the HO scale layout which is 4x4 in this area and includes a race car set which works automatically or regularly.

tr-9H.JPG (43901 bytes)

This is a partial picture of my major LIRR passenger station. Every color scheme of the LIRR history is on the layout.

tr-10H.JPG (32132 bytes)

This is the top level of the HO scale level which shows some of the farm areas.

tr-11H.JPG (36980 bytes)

Here you see the cable car set which runs from the upper level of the HO layout
to the mountain area near the trolley car track. In the center of the picture you see another farm area and mountain on the upper  level of the HO level. In the upper part of the picture you see a truss bridge for the O gauge passenger train track.

tr-8Hv.JPG (24523 bytes)

This is the west end of my major station and shows one of the four three way switches on the layout.

General Trivia: I will soon add more pictures showing other aspects of my layout . I also hope to add a section showing all of the special Lionel cars.

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~ Tom Brady



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