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Note: please do not allow the long instructions fool you on how easily it will be to join the webring. The instructions are giving a step by step instructions for evry little thing which you will have do . Hopefully this page will help some of you who are not fimilar with web codes etc.

Step#1--- Click on the Join button on the Webrings Homepage.

Step#2--- Fill in the form which you basically only need to know
               your e-mail address and the web address of your site.

Step#3--- Copy down your site ID # which you may need at a
                later date or for a alternate webring banner.

Step#4---  When the code appears on the form for your webring
                 simply highlight the code area of the page and then hit
                 the control key and the C key at the same time and this
                 copy the code.

Step#5--- Now open the program which you use to make changes
               to your website. Put the cursor in the location where you
               want the webring banner to be postioned.

Step#6--- Now if you are using a program such as frontpage etc. then
               put the program into the html mode where you can see the code.

Step#7--- Now hit the Control Key and the V Key at the same time and
                this will paste the code onto your website.

Step#8--- Next you must upload the new code onto your server.

Final Notes: After you upload the rest should be done by your webmaster
                   and if you are not lsited in the webring after you upload you
                   should contact you webmaster at TOMBRADY33@aol.com

Additional Note: Please always feel free to contact me no matter how silly
                          you think your question is, I am always happy to help.

If You Do Not wish to use the Yahoo Banner on your site copy the code from the webrings homepage and insert the webring ID # where needed and you may use this code and banner.


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