Paul Revere And The Raiders
Featuring Mark Lindsay
Teen Idols

The orginal Raiders leave the group but the Raiders go marching on!!!! With Paul and Mark plus the new members!
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Freddy Weller -- The New Raider

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Keith Allison during his solo career before becoming a Raider!
Keith was also a regular on the tv show "Where the Action is! "


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Meet the new Raiders after the orginal left to join the group called the Brotherhood. The new members were Freddy Weller, Joe Correro,Jr. , and   Charlie Coe who only remained a Raider for two albums,(Revolution! and Happening ) until Keith Allison replaced Charlie.
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The one trivia is that Harpo left the group at the same time but their is no mention of this . Also I am not sure why he did not join the group with the other ex-Raiders called the Brotherhood.
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Above is Joe Jr. as a keystone cop and to the left is Mark .
Hey do you remeber those cool things called Side burns!


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